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Stay well: The National Health Service [NHS] for Asylum Seekers and refugees


You can see a doctor. It is free. You do not pay.

See your doctor:

  • If you are ill
  • If you are depressed
  • If you are crying every day

The doctor you see is called a “General Practitioner” [GP]

Register with a GP:

Choose a GP near to your home.

Here is a list of GPs in Preston:

Your doctor (GP) will take care of your health.

Your doctor (GP) may refer you to a specialist doctor.


You can have a chaperone (someone with you when you see the doctor).


You can have an interpreter. It is free. You do not pay.


If you are worried you can have advice. Telephone: 111


Telephone 999 ONLY if a person might die or is seriously injured.


A pharmacist may be able to help you with minor illnesses.

We want to help: just ask
More information:

Here are some useful websites:

Asylum Help UK
Telephone: 0808 8000 630
Monday to Friday, 8am to 5.30pm

Keep Healthy:

‘Up and Active’

Here you can join some physical activities with others and most are free: you do not have to pay.