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British Citizens must pay toward the cost of their dental treatment. This is the same for those given refugee status.

Asylum seekers: take your Home Office Identity card which shows ‘employment: forbidden’ with you to the dentist.

You must complete forms [NHS HC1] for free dental treatment (you will not have to pay).

Ask for help and ask for an interpreter if you need help to complete the forms.

Dental treatment is free (you do not have to pay):

    • If your age is 0 – 18, or 19 years old and in full time education
    • If you are pregnant or your baby is 0 – 12 months old.
    • If you are forbidden to work (employment)

To receive dental treatment, telephone: 0300 1234 010

If after contacting several dental practices you still can’t find a dentist accepting NHS patients, you should call NHS England’s Customer Contact Centre on 0300 311 2233.

In reality there seem to be NO dental practices taking on NHS patients, other than under 18’s, at the moment. However many will take adult NHS clients who are referred  – but only for emergency treatment. They will drill and fill etc as well as extract, but  once the patient’s emergency need is met they relinquish responsibility. Referrals come from GP’s or NHS walk-ins or 111 call centres, but can often be to practices that are distant and may require a volunteer to transport the person.  We understand that public transport costs might be refundable, but this is a difficult and lengthy process. The reluctance of dentists to take ANY new NHS cases is all down to the funding levels which the NHS is offering and nationally there are millions of adults who are not registered with a dentist. If you can get a treatment, there will be no charge…



Ask for help at the Red Cross 01772 707308 [email protected] 

Call in at: St Cuthbert Church Douglas Hall Lytham Road Fulwood
Preston  PR2 3AR on THURSDAYS: 10.00 to 14.00 for advice on seeing a dentist.

Dental emergency and out-of-hours care

If you think you need urgent care, contact your usual dentist as some practices offer emergency dental slots and will provide care if clinically necessary.

You can also call NHS 111, who can put you in touch with an urgent dental service.

Do not contact your GP, as they will not be able to offer urgent or emergency dental care.

The emergency dentist will only deal with the problem at hand and provide clinically necessary treatment to stop any pain.