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New government proposals in the Nationality and Borders Bill currently before Parliament abandon people fleeing war and persecution. We’re calling for a more humane approach to people seeking protection in the UK.

There is more information on the website of our partners at Asylum Matters 

There is also a page on the National  CoS website including “Celebrating Sanctuary” toolkit especially aimed at organising public meetings with decision makers and influencers.

We support the coalition campaigning on the bill : Together With Refugees 

The Refugee Council has a petition opposing the bill which you can see and sign here

If you want to know what the Nationality and Borders Bill really means, and don’t have time to read all 67 pages, the Jubilee+ website has a summary of the main points, its implications for asylum seekers, and why Christians and others should care – and do all we can to prevent it becoming law.

There is a folder full of Nationality and Borders Bill briefings which is free for you to access here, all the Together With Refugees campaign assets can be found here

An excllent articleon the immorality of the Bill  by Caroline Gregory (from a Christian perspective) appears here