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Preston hosts Escape to Safety Exhibition

This exciting multi-media display attempts to show the refugee experience as people escape to safety.

It is interactive, allowing participants to experience a little of what desperate people seeking sanctuary go through as they flee persecution, violence and a threat of death. Unlike refugees who pay to travel long distances in search of safety, the Escape to Safety journey is free, and only takes 15 minutes. Once participants have negotiated their way past the ‘border guards’, they listen to 3 refugee voices on a soundtrack as they journey through 8 small rooms which represent different stages on their journey to seek asylum in the UK.

Escape to Safety was created some years ago by Global Link, based in Lancaster, and has toured to hundreds of schools across the UK. It makes a rare appearance to the public in Preston, thanks to Awards for All Lottery funding.

For more information about the Escape to Safety exhibition see Globallink

Escape to Safety is open from Tuesday 28th February to Saturday 4th March at the following times:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 10 – 4; Thursday 10 – 7.