Hello Preston! has run Arabic reading and writing classes since January this year attended by a mixture of volunteers at Hello Preston! and people who benefit from being able to communicate in Arabic as part of their work.

Keen students of Arabic with teachers Faten and Abdullah

After a few months of studying to read the second most difficult language in the world (after Korean), the fun bit starts: communicating and having conversations in Arabic alongside native Arabic speakers!

Preston’s Arabic-speaking population has increased in recent years with Preston City of Sanctuary welcoming Eritreans, Iraqis, Palestinians, Somalis, Sudanese and Syrians. Breaking down cultural barriers with a few words of Arabic makes all the more reason to learn the language!

Hello Preston! received funding from Church Urban funding for a six month project which means that classes are provided for free! As it’s proving to be such a success, we’d like to welcome more enthusiastic learners. Please contact Jen at City of Sanctuary for more information.